Our staff and work opportunities

Our staff


Mats Stjernstedt

Acting head of Unit

Nadia Izzat

Project coordinator for exhibitions

Anna Kindvall

Project Coordinator Exhibitions

Angela Ceaserec

Project manager (techniqnichian)

Benjamin McIntosh

Acting Public Relations Manager (on parental leave)

Heidi Hakala

Acting Public Relations Manager

Johannes Kjellgren

Pedagogue of art

Ylva Brännström Davidsson

Project manager Pedagogue of art

Lucy Smalley

Project manager

Marika Bredler

Pedagogue of art (workshops)

Antje Nilsson

Exhibition techniqnichian

Stefan Tallberg

Exhibition assistant Administrator

Amanda Nordgren

Exhibition assistant Visual communication

Anna Antonsson

Exhibition assistant Registration/Host

Magdalena Svensson

Exhibition assistant Safety/Pedagogy/Host

Mårten Nilsson

Exhibition assistant Host

Iman Mohammed

Work opportunities

Work opportunities are posted at Malmö stads website.